These three-dimensional computer models have been produced by Mr Yasuo Furuichi of Yokosuka City, Japan. The images remain his copyright. Mr Furuichi has produced a short movie entitled 'Before the Glass of Wine', from which a series of stills are illustrated here. He is now working on models of all the pieces of furniture appearing in Vermeer's paintings, which he is storing in 'Vermeer's warehouse'. He plans to make reconstructions of the three-dimensional spaces shown in some of those pictures where the floor tiles are not visible, and which were not reconstructed in 'Vermeer's Camera' for that reason.

The above images are scenes taken from Mr Yasuo Furuichi's short movie 'Before the Glass of Wine'. Below is an enlarged image from the movie. To view the movie, click either media format:

BfGlassOfWine(Cinpk640)Ttl.avi (real player / windows Media player)
BfGlassOfWine(Quick320) (quicktime movie)
Above, views of 'Vermeer's warehouse'. Below, 3D reconstructions of the lion head chair found in many of Vermeer's paintings.
Above, 3D reconstruction of Virginals, which appear in Vermeer's paintings.
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